Who are the Children We Help?

Children in need are identified by a variety of local organizations we call our Community Partners. At Boxes of Basics we believe it is our role to enhance the mission of other wonderful organizations and to be a resource for the professionals that serve local children in need and their families. These children are referred to Boxes of Basics by our Community Partners who are other nonprofits, schools, churches, government organizations and more. The work they do is truly amazing and we are honored to be able to help fulfill the basic clothing needs of some of the children they serve.  

The Children and Families We Help

Here are a few of the requests for Boxes of Basics we have received from community partners, social workers and counselors.  Because of support from our donors and community we have the ability to say, "Yes, we can help you!" to these requests.

“ I have a family that has recently been displaced to a domestic violence shelter. Mom mentioned that her 9 year old son desperately needs shoes and socks. Can you help?” YES!

“I  am requesting Boxes of Basics for children two student ages 6 & 8 who juts relocated here from another country and have nothing, can you help?” YES!

“Can you provide a Box of Basics for a 2nd grade boy. Single mother is struggling and he is desperate need of clothing, can you help?” YES!

“One of my students and her brother are in desperate need of clothes. We found out they aren’t coming to school (today is out first day) be they don’t have decent school clothes. Can you help and provide them with Boxes of Basics?” YES!

It is simple. We provide clothing to local kids in need.


More About the Children We Help!

Boxes of Basics is unique in that we serve children and families facing a variety of challenges.

"A child in a single parent home who needed basic clothing for school. The parent was making ends meet so clothes and accessories were not an option for her to buy. The child came to school with old and smelly clothes and other kids would laugh and bully because of the appearance of this kid. I was able to reach out to boxes of basics and they responded fast for this kid. They even made an exception with a size. I was very pleased, thankful and the family cried from joy. This organization is a blessing to others.  It’s great having an organization like this in the community."

"Mom is under financial hardship due to leaving a domestic violence relationship and providing for 4 children."           

 "The family Boxes of Basics supported has a history of experiencing homelessness. The family was in need of clothes for the new school year. The parent recently re-entered the workforce and is working full-time."

 "I have the pleasure of working at a Title I school, where a percentage of our student receive free and reduced breakfast/lunch. Our student have encountered various situations, some are dealing with homelessness, domestic violence, or parents who are working but are struggling to provide the basics."      

"One of the families I referred to your organization had just moved to this country with pretty much just the clothes on their backs.  They have been working hard to get their basics covered and your organization was a huge help with that!!  Thank you!"

"My student and her family were recently homeless. They fell on hard times and although their mother is doing everything in her power to provide for her children, the family was struggling to get by and make ends meet. Thankfully, Boxes of Basics was able to fulfill one of their basic needs and provided my student and her brother with a fall and winter wardrobe. I am forever grateful to all of the amazing volunteers at Boxes of Basics. Thank you for helping me help my student and her family!"

"The mother is a single parent with not much income. She does her best and receiving your boxes put a smile on her face."                 


Community Partners

Embry Rucker Community Shelter

City of Manassas Park Social Services

City of Manassas Park Social Services


Boxes of Basics is happy to partner with Cornerstones. It is our goal to provide the children of families who are transitioning out of the Embry Ruck Community Shelter with a Box of Basics for each child to open in their new home!https://www.cornerstonesva.org/services/food-financial-or-urgent-assistance/emergency-shelter/

City of Manassas Park Social Services

City of Manassas Park Social Services

City of Manassas Park Social Services


Boxes of Basics was honored to deliver over 35 Boxes of Basics to The City of Manassas Park Social Services during the 2018 holiday season! http://www.cityofmanassaspark.us/index.php/city-services/family-a-social-services 

Georgetown South Community Council

PHILLIPS Programs for Families and Children

PHILLIPS Programs for Families and Children


Boxes of Basics provides a resource for children referred by the Georgetown South Community Council. We have delivered many Boxes of Basics and are excited to see what the future holds for this partnership. 


PHILLIPS Programs for Families and Children

PHILLIPS Programs for Families and Children

PHILLIPS Programs for Families and Children


Boxes of Basics is thrilled about our new partnership with PHILLIPS. We plan to deliver 50 Boxes of Basics to students at the Annandale School in 2019. PHILLPIS serves children from Virginia, DC and Maryland and currently serves dozens of student from Prince William County at their Annandale and Fairfax locations.