2019 Review!

Special thanks to everyone who donated to Boxes of Basics in 2019. Monetary donations, clothing donations and volunteer hours, we are overwhelmed by the support of our community!

Here is what we accomplished in 2019!

- 277 local kids received a Box of Basics
- Over 115  volunteers donated more than 450 hours sorting clothes and packing boxes.
- Hundreds of people donated children's clothing, socks, shoes, underwear books and more!
- Boxes of Basics were delivered to 26 Prince William County  schools.
- We partnered with countless schools, churches, nonprofits, communities and local organizations.

Thank you for helping make 2019 an amazing year for Boxes of Basics.

Every donation helps!

$10.00 Underwear and Socks 

$20.00 Pajamas

$30.00 Shoes

$50.00 Winter Coat

$85.00  5 New Outfits for School

$175.00 A Complete Wardrobe! 

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Our Impact

The first Boxes of Basics were delivered to two local foster children a little girl (6T) and boy (3T) in the Fall of 2018.   Because of the support of our community we have been able to deliver nearly 200 Boxes of Basics to local children in need!

These are testimonials and we couldn't be happier!

"I just wanted to give a shout out to  Boxes Of Basics. This organization has blessed my community of Georgetown South multiple times, but most recently with summer clothes for 61 children . These kids are strutting these clothes this week at our Kids' Day Camp. They're walking tall and proud thanks to Box of Basics and all who support it!" Community Director, Georgetown South

"Alma (the mama) was very happy with the amount of clothes that you brought. It looks like for the immediate future she will be a single parent so I know she is worried about running out of clean clothes for the baby and you took care of that for her. She kept saying that it was so much more than she expected. She was also very happy to see the quality of the clothes, everything was so new and fresh for her baby boy. She loved all of the items; she likened it to a baby shower. I can’t give you any suggestions for changes because this “Box of Basics” was perfect. I am as appreciative as the mom is for this help that you gave to her. I love this concept. It will bring relief to so many moms. I hope we get to partner together in the future." 

"Thank you SO much for the Boxes of Basics for “A” and “C”.  We did receive them and “A” is wearing one of the shirts from there today.  Having them dropped off at our house was amazingly convenient and I am most grateful.  As for the things in the boxes, they were beautifully packaged and the clothes were truly wonderful.  My husband and I literally spent almost $1K on the kids on clothes, coats, shoes, toys, etc., but we still felt like they definitely did not have enough clothes.  With the stuff in the boxes, we feel like they are all set on clothes.  The stuff was very nice and it was really nice to get play clothes as well as dress clothes, etc.  The way each stack was wrapped with a note on it as to what it was, was not only very nice but we let “A” open each package and to her it felt like opening presents so she was extremely excited.  The clothes were very nice, much of what was in the box I would have purchased for my own daughter in a store if I'd seen it.  In the past week, we've had a number of people say that they think it is amazing what we are doing for these kids.  I have to tell you, it is amazing what you are doing for these kids.  You have no idea how grateful we are - it is because of people like you that we are able to help these kids."

" We are truly impressed not only with the service you are providing, but how nicely package it was.  I truly think “A” felt like she was opening presents - she even referred to them that way."

"As a public school teacher, my job is to make sure my kids have what they need to be successful. This includes showing them love and support both inside and outside of the classroom. When one of my students did not show up on the first day of school, I was worried. I soon discovered my student and her brother weren’t able to attend because they didn’t have any clothes that fit. My heart broke for these children and their mother. I reached out to Boxes of Basics and they responded immediately and said they could help!  The clothes they provided were truly a lifesaver!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you! "


Here Is What Our Recipients Have To Say...….

"We are a family of seven and both lost our jobs. Since our 2 year old son was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer it has made it extremely tights on an already exhausted budget. You have no idea how helpful this is for us. From the bottom of our hearts we say thank you and GOD bless you all."

"It was the biggest blessing. It felt like Christmas/Birthday came early for all of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We and mostly I are so thankful. Thank you again and again!"

"Receiving the Boxes of Basics filled with individually wrapped sets of school clothes, play clothes, Sunday dress, Holiday dress, pajamas, socks, underwear and a winter coat for all three children was such an amazing blessing. The girls said it was like Christmas with all of the packages. The books were a perfect treat. Quality of outfits was amazing and matched perfectly. Definitely packed with love."

"We had four hours before our 3 month old foster daughter cam into our lives. We received a Box of Basics. It was a life saver! I almost cried opening it, everything was new or like new. We went from three outfits to having everything we could possibly need for the entire season. We truly can't thank you enough.

"Thank you so much! I wish I would have known about you all before now! The children and I are very grateful! They were in here opening their boxes up as if it were Christmas! Thank you for making their day! Experiencing this has made me want to join in this mission!"

"My grandson was very happy and cried with joy!" 

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